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PTVDISPLAY was founded in 2014. TONY, the founder of PTVDISPLAY, established the brand step by step with the concept of product quality and function as the core, focusing on the home theater market and committed to the majority of consumers to enjoy cost-effective and good movie-watching experience as the core goal.
In 2019, PTVDISPLAY focus on creating more powerful online business, we have complete production ecological system, from the supplier of choice, factory production lines of the strict request to the customer's careful service, we have formed a benign ecological circulation system, with our partners and consumers to share our core values, health, Security, and human rights. We put quality first and offer our customers contemporary products at affordable prices.
From the beginning of the brand, PTVDISPLAY has created a friendly concept, uncompromising quality and style, we only produce high quality products, responsible for the consumer experience.

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